Mastery Program Experience

Mastery Program Format

Active participation in this program will help you overcome the frustrations of treatment plateaus and enable you to engage in the concept of treatment discovery and application. Understanding treatment concepts instead of simply duplicating what others have figured out is what creates separation between those who are good at Counterstrain (CS) and those who are truly great.

  • Ideal Student-Instructor ratio (Maximum of 12:1)
  • Suitable for Practitioners of all levels of Counterstrain
  • Weekly classes and a responsive support network
  • Emphasis on Cranial Scan as developed by Brian Tuckey, PT
  • Focus on Clinical Application throughout the program

Essentials of Mastery

Immersion: Weekly instruction within the Mastery Program provides a long-term, immersive, learning process that is conducive to truly absorbing the material as it reinforces consistent and continuous improvement.

Spaced Repetition: The weekly class format solidifies CS concepts and treatment methodology in a small group setting of like-minded practitioners that share the common goal of mastery.

Model: This is a rare opportunity to model the strategies of accomplished practitioners/instructors and receive individualized guidance on your path from introduction to mastery.

About the Mastery Program Experience

The Special Event Team – A unique opportunity in the field of Counterstrain



There are unique opportunities for members of the CA-Mastery Program that are not available anywhere else. Those who desire to attend an event as a representative of Counterstrain and the Counterstrain movement in general will need to excel in the clinical application of Counterstrain. To qualify you must be an active member of the Counterstrain Academy or have completed the entire curriculum. Qualified practitioners that desire to become members of the special event team must apply to the academy and will be picked based upon a variety of characteristics that best suit the demands placed upon members of this elite group. Organization and management of the team is handled through Counterstrain Portland, LLC of Portland, OR.  

Screen Shot 2014-09-12 at 11.19.08 PM Members of the special event team will usually travel offsite to the event which means being gone from your primary work/home for up to two weeks at a time. You must be physically fit and capable of sustaining long hours of working in the special event clinic. Above all, you must be able to demonstrate both a commanding knowledge of CS and the physical capability of using it at a high level of proficiency. For more information about the Academy Special Event Team please contact the academy via email here: