Practitioner & Instructor Certification

In addition to the Counterstrain Academy (CSA) core curriculum, Certification levels can be achieved for each course by passing a test to determine your level of mastery. In the future, patients will be able to locate Counterstrain Practitioner referrals through our website. CSA levels will be displayed with each Practitioner’s contact information. i.e. Jane Smith, LMT, CSA 5. 

Students may also enroll in our Counterstrain Academy Certified Practitioner (CACP) or Counterstrain Academy Certified Instructor (CACI) Programs. Each unique pathway towards certification consists of three phases. 

Counterstrain Academy Certified Practitioner: CACP Counterstrain Academy Certified Instructor: CACI

 Phase 1

  1. Complete Mods 1-6* at Certified Level.
  2. Pass Written & Practical Certification Testing by passing module tests with a score of 80% or greater.
    *and new modules  as they are released

 Phase 1

  1. Commitment agreement to CSA Complete Mods 1-6.
  2. Certification Testing Complete
  3. Audit of Mods 1-6 (or highest level).

 Phase 2

Pass 2-Day Certification 

  1. Written Test (4 hours)
  2. Verbal Q&A (90 minutes)
  3. Practical Application
    1. Cranial Scan
    2. System Treatment: VC, LV, AR, NR, MS
    3. Live Patient Demo

Phase 2

Instructor Training

  1. Mentoring & Personal Development
  2. Presentation Style & Format of Public Speaking
  3. Pass Standards Review
  4. Presentation

 Phase 3

  • Commitment to schedule of ongoing education at the Counterstrain Academy. 
    (1 audit class per year or new module)

Phase 3

  • Co-Teaching & TA Internship:
    Student will co-teach each course with director
  • Independent Course Instruction*

*Director will approve instructor on a course by course basis until director is satisfied.

To inquire about our basic certification levels or enroll in the Certified Practitioner or Certified Instructor programs, contact us at or 503-894-9039.